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  • The BBC is adapting Phillipa Gregory’s The White Princess and Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall for TV (article in The Guardian).
  • And Gregory does a short promo vid for The White Princess. I think she’s on take … seventeen? You can see it in her eyes: “Get me out of here!” (Youtube 1:11).
  • IMDB list of Tudor-era Period Dramas – mostly Tudor England, but it includes a few on the Borgias, Ivan the Terrible etc. Still, 70 movies/TV series is a lot.
  • The White Map –  “Tom Holland meets up with the Map Librarian of the British Library, Peter Barber, to look at a late sixteenth century map commissioned by Walter Raleigh and drawn by the artist and colonist John White. It shows Roanoke island and the proposed colony of Virginia. But what is interesting researchers today are two patches on this map which appear to show where the British settlers might build forts. They were never built.” Actually, it’s more interesting than that, with speculation about spy-master Francis Walsingham and invisible ink. (Short slot on the Making History show on BBC Radio 4 show plus the British Museum link.)